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diane.kerbel in Toronto
diane.kerbel in Toronto
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Worst retail experience of my (very long) life!

Unfortunately I did not read the reviews before I shopped here. My experience echoes the very negative experience of others.

We purchased a dining table and chairs and were told that they would be delivered in 6-8 weeks. This time came and went and no furniture. We were then told it would take another 7-10 days although the salesperson, Michael, did not sound very sure about this. The day after I spoke to him someone called me to say that they had my furniture on a truck and would like to deliver it that day. I was very confused by the mixed messages but ecstatic to receive the furniture. Well the day came and went and no delivery and no phone call to let me know.

I called Michael and he had no idea what was going on. Eventually the owner, Bijan, called me and told me that he was the one to call and denied having said what I had clearly heard. In others words I must be delusional. He was extremely unpleasant on the phone, yelling non stop, and not allowing me to say my piece. I asked him to be quiet so that I could say something and the ranting got even worse. It seems he doesn't like to be interrupted by a woman and decided that he would only speak to my husband from then on. I've never been treated that way!

We then decided to just wait it out. We did not want any more dealings with this lunatic. After some time we were told that our table had arrived but not the chairs and they had no idea when they would get them. They said they would deliver the table and some "loaner" chairs in the meantime. I wasn't really happy about this.

Michael called me with the phone number of the delivery people and told me to call them to arrange a time. Before I had a chance to do this, someone else called me to ask if they could deliver on Tuesday. I had previously been told that they only deliver on Wednesdays and Saturdays but what the heck. Bijan called on Tuesday to say that the truck was in an accident and they would deliver the following day. It didn't make sense that the truck could not deliver on Tuesday because of an accident but was going to be fine the next day. By this time I had had it.

I asked Bijan for an adjustment on the price as a result of all the aggravation and inconvenience and he adamantly refused giving me some nonsense about the manufacturer being unwilling to reduce the price. Of course I pointed out to him that he was making lots of profit on the sale and he should compensate us from his profit.

The furniture was delivered. They brought the table in at which point I told them that I did not want the "loaner" chairs. I just wanted my dealings with this company to be over. I gave them a cheque for the amount remaining for the table.

They called Bijan to tell him and he went ballistic - yelling at them and at me. He threatened to call the police and have them put me in jail, to take me to court. This man is deranged. I feel sorry for his staff.

Others have described the same behaviour in this individual. It was a complete nightmare and I strongly recommend that you stay clear of this business!

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