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JD, High Park
JD, High Park
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Painting Kitchen

Jon came on-time, was courteous and appeared to understand what we required in our straightforward kitchen repainting job; the quote was satisfactory and I explained our deadline (4 weeks hence). The work itself was very disappointing. After hearing nothing for awhile, we reminded Encore of the deadline. Shane the painter came midday, but the materials had not been delivered, and once they arrived, did not appear to include appropriate plaster compound, or primer - ?!. Painter forgot to install sheeting to minimize dust distroibution around the house, even though it was specified on the work order. I pushed on this, and he agreed finally to tack upo some garbage bags here and there. Seriously? This is a professional painting company and that's the best they can do? I called Production Manager and eventually other material was provided. Good thing I'd taken care of covering items in the kitchen itself; who knows if they'd have done anything to protect them. Painter missed parts of the baseboard entirely, and did a terrible job of filling and sanding the window sill. Prod'n Mgr came eventually to paint the baseboard, but claimed she couldn't do anything about the window sill. (Seems do-able enough to me - guess who's sanding and repainting it now?) The company lost the item I'd provided as a colour sample, even though I'd made a point twice that I required it to be returned (and would be happy to obtain a colour swatch if they couldn't work with or return the item); Prod Mgr says lamely 'oh the painter has it' and clearly isn't going to make any effort to get it back or replace it. (So for heaven's sake, don't give them anything valuable or irreplaceable.) All in all, the whole operation feels very "rookie" - have to wonder how long they've actually been in business (or how much longer, for that matter.) Started out well w/ estimate visit, but Encore sure didn't meet pretty basic expectations here. Have recommended against using these folks to 2 neighbours who are having work done; there are better teams available.

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