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A And Y Plumbing, Drain And Waterproofing
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Reviews for A And Y Plumbing, Drain And Waterproofing

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PH4R40H in Manotick
PH4R40H in Manotick
1 review Ottawa, ON

I love that company

Every year, I call a plumber to defrost my pipes. In the cold weather my pipes freeze and the plumbers help me. But this year, I called A and Y Plumbing and they explained to me why this happens so often. They explained that my pipes are located very close to the exterior wall and covered with drywall. They suggested to relocate my pipes and keep them exposed on the inside. It was a very smart solution and they did a great job and very professionally so that the pipes are not so noticeable in my basement. I will use their services again and I highly recommend them

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victor in North York
victor in North York
1 review Toronto, ON

Sanitary Drain line repair

We had backing up sewage in the basement, so we called A & Y Plumbing on a recommendation. They came and found that the problem was a clogged main drain. They brought a big snake machine and snaked my drain line and managed to clear the blockage. They suggested to do a camera inspection to check the drain to see why it was clogged. They showed me that the cause of the blockage was shifted pipes. The problem was outside of my house on the front yard. They came up with a great plan to change that section of the pipe and fixing and excavating 10 feet deep but they had to dig by hand using a jackhammer because the soil was very frozen and it was neater to dig by hand as they didn't want to ruin my garden and the excavator would be too messy and would ruin my garden. It took them 2 days to finish the job as it was so tedious but they were very hardworking. They also cut a portion of pipe and changed it to a plastic one and made an access to the main drain. They placed a camera further to the city side and saw there are roots there but now the city has an easier access to it to clean the roots. They explained each step of the job to us and we were very informed on the job. It was a very nice and clean job. Keep on going, guys! You rock!

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Z in Woodbridge
Z in Woodbridge
19 reviews WOODBRIDGE, ON

First Review


Whirlpool tub install

*** Response to A & Y Plumbing's response
- blaming the customer and the bathtub company without taking any responsibility, is not the correct approach
- saying that it was "impossible" to notice the defect before installing the tub, is ridiculous
- I noticed the defect, and spoke to Alex on the phone about it prior to installation. I asked him to write it on the work order to investigate
- I talked to the plumber about this, and asked him to check it
- He felt it was ok, despite the fact that there was a port open to the air, outside the tub, leading to a connected water jet!
- He insisted that he was an expert and insisted that there was nothing wrong with the tub, instead of investigating
- He was wrong

I read the reviews about this company and they looked pretty good. I'm sure they are fine for small repairs and installing faucets.

I had a similar experience, to another recent review, about a bathroom upgrade.

I was left with a flooded house, multiple giant holes in the ceiling, and scratched walls on my freshly painted hallway.

The company wanted to charge me extra for finding the leak, that in the process of finding, destroyed my ceiling.

Let's get to the beginning of the story:

I ordered a whirlpool tub from Costco, which was delivered to my home.

I inspected this tub, and decided to call a plumber to do the installation, because I was not qualified to do it myself.

I noticed a pipe on the hot tub, which led out from one of the jets, was open, while all the other ones were closed. I asked Alex, the person who answered the phone from the plumbing company, to please make a note on the work order of this concern, and to have the plumber verify if this is okay. he told me that it's not necessary to make a note of it, because the plumber is a professional, and he would notice any problems.

I should have canceled at that point, because ignoring customer concerns is not good practice.

The reviews were pretty good on this company and I decided to go ahead because I trusted them.

I was not home when they showed up, because they were late. I did call the plumber and ask him to please inspect that pipe. He assured me that he would.

A few hours later I came home to double-check his progress, and to remind him about inspecting the tub. I saw that as he had moved the bathtub up the stairs, he had done a lot of scratches along my walls which were freshly painted just a few months before. I had spent more than $500 to paint that hallway. In a short time, he had made a brand new paint job look like garbage.

Things were not looking good. But I did see that the bathtub was in place. The plumber assured me that everything was inspected.

I left and let him finish his work. I came back later and he was ready to go.

After he left, I finished the faucet plumbing, and tested the tub. my wife was downstairs and started yelling about the tub leaking.

I quickly drained it all, and called Alex.

I had to wait until they came back a day or two later, to check it. Instead of quickly checking, the plumber kept the water running forever, causing a huge flood in the ceiling, and then he felt that he had to cut open two giant holes in my textured ceiling of the living room.

After causing several thousand dollars in damage, Alex called me from their head office, stating that I owed them more money for the inspection.

Eventually we found that the cause of the leak, was the same pipe that I was initially concerned about and asked him several times to inspect.

Alex wanted $200 extra, and meanwhile I wanted them to pay for the damages.

I didn't really want to get into a big argument. I told him I would hold back any payment until damages could be assessed.

The living room ceiling is still not fixed. I did not pursue him for damages. The blame is somewhat on the manufacturer of the tub. And that's why I didn't give a zero rating.

They got paid $500 for their work, plus taxes, minus $50 for a can of paint.

I lost thousands of dollars in damages.

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Company Response

Thank you for the feed back. Just to point out, the work was done two years and one month ago before the review was posted and until then we were not aware about this until the review was posted. The last time the customer contacted us was in October 18, 2016 and informed us that that the manufacturing company will compensate for the costs. We learned these concerns only from the review.

As you can read from the customer's review: the leak was caused by a manufacturer defect which was identified by us when we conducted the leak investigation. It was determined that the leak was the result of a manufacturer defect in the area of the jet tubing. This kind of manufacturer defect can be detected visually very rarely since the right layout of the tubing is determined by the manufacturing company specialists and it is pretested after the assembly of the unit in the factory. This is why, it could not be detected visually by us, but only when the whirlpool starts working, the leak may appear.

N.B: We did this work in September of 2016.
We need to mention the bathtub was very heavy and when they carried it, they accidentally scratched the wall. We recognize this was our fault and we changed our policies from 2016. From then on, if the bathtub is very heavy, we ask the customer to invite movers to bring it upstairs. This is more safe and will protect their properties. As for this case, we asked the customer how much to compensate for the wall and the customer said: $50. In the review, the customer said he spent more money to paint the hallway, but we asked if we should pay more and he said $50 is good. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and we have been more careful since then on. If the bathtub is really heavy, we advise the customer to bring in movers.

To recap: before installing the whirlpool, we visually checked the tub for damages. This is our regular procedure which we do every time before any installations. It is a necessary part of the installation. We did not find any visual damages that would prevent us from doing the installation.
Shortly after the installation, the customer called us about a leak and we scheduled an appointment.​ We do not know why it was 2 days later, because more than 2 years have passed and we cannot recollect this. Usually we come on the same day or the day after if the customer wants us to check something. On this visit we needed to conduct an investigation in order to find the source of the leak. For this, a standard procedure for water leaks was conducted. A water test was conducted and no leaks were detected from upstairs. The only way to determine the source of the leak was to open the ceiling. He opened it with the customer's permission. Prior to the investigation, as was discussed with the customer, if the leak was found to be a result of our work then we would take full responsibility for the ceiling and further plumbing repairs. With the customer's permission, the ceiling was opened. During the investigation, the plumber identified that there were no problems with our drain and water connections and we ruled out this possibility. The only possibility left was a manufacturer defect which was confirmed later on. To emphasize again, prior to the installation a visual assessment for damages on the whirlpool was done by us. At the end it was found out that the leak was caused by a manufacturer defect on the jet tubing. At the point of visual inspection, such a defect could not be identified by us visually. In no case it could have been seen visually by us. Again, when we did the visual inspection, we did not find any visual damages that would prevent us from doing the installation. Besides, it was tested by manufacturer assemblers prior to being bought by the customer. After the investigation, I spoke to the customer and he told us to send him an invoice for the leak investigation, which we did.

Some further highlights: in a few weeks we contacted him to ask if he contacted the manufacturing company. In the middle of October the customer sent us a message that the manufacturing company agreed to cover his costs including our invoice and he would pay us. Please note that this was after a month that the service was completed. After that we did not hear from the customer about any concerns and references to any damages mentioned in the review, nor that he is connecting anything at all back to our work. During this time, the customer did not reach us with any concerns or questions or issues. The last time we heard from him was in October 16, 2016 when he told us about him contacting the manufacturer company of the whirlpool and that the company will pay his costs. So we didn't hear from the customer at all during all of this time until the review was posted - it was posted 3 months ago.

We built our reputation over the years. We worked hard all of this time to make sure that the customers are happy with our work and to provide them with the best work that we can do. We pay attention to all their concerns and return calls right away when they want to check or recheck something as well as accommodate their needs in any potential situation. We always get back to our customers and clarify/address any concerns in a prompt manner. This review took us by surprise but we will take this experience to grow further while taking in mind this experience.

Alla N from Richmond Hill
Alla N from Richmond Hill
7 reviews Richmond Hill, ON

Kitchen Faucet

A & Y Plumbing performed the following services: new kitchen faucet, supply lines and valves installation and some part of pipe replacement. The plumber arrived in time, worked fast and professional. Prices are reasonable. Thank you!

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Company Response

We always welcome feedback, thank you for your kind words! Please do not hesitate to contact us in the future.

Ln from TO
Ln from TO
10 reviews Toronto, ON

Blocked Pipe from Washing Machine

It was a pleasure dealing with A & Y Plumbing. They responded quickly and resolved the issue the same day! Pricing was reasonable. The drain pipe from our washing machine was blocked, resulting in water pouring out onto the floor. Alex was knowledgeable, friendly, quick, and did the job. After the pipe was snaked, he let water run through the pipe for a few minutes to make sure that it was definitely working. Since then, we've done our laundry and had a dry floor! Thank you A & Y.

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Company Response

Thank you so much for your review! It is our philosophy that our work should be completed with the utmost professionalism and to the satisfaction of our customers. We will always be there to help in the future.

victor in Ajax
victor in Ajax
1 review Ajax, ON

Kitchen faucet

I wanted to share my experience with A&Y Plumbing. I had a leaky faucet for a long time. It was quite old. The technician came and suggested to replace my faucet and even recommended the faucet company Moen. I bought the faucet the next day and the technician came early in the morning to replace it and to make a new connection. He was very friendly. I asked him to check the condition of the plumbing in the rest of the house. It was a free inspection and he recommended to install the a softener so the fixtures can have longer life because I have a lot of calcium in my water. I am very thankful that my friend recommended it to anyone who needs great professional service.

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Company Response

Hi Victor, thank you for your kind words. We are always happy to go further and help out in any way we can. We are always here to help if needed. Thank you, A and Y Team.

Private User
Private User
Private User reviews Ajax, ON

Bathroom reno

Our contractor subcontracted this company for our bathroom reno this past summer. Everything was a problem. From when they would show up to when they would not leave when asked. They put a pipe through my floor/ceiling. They turned off my water for 8hours when they said it would be 15min. The intial plumber completed very little of the job before he was asked to leave. The follow up plumber came after a flood through my top floor to bottom floor and when he left he said everything was finished up. They never told my contractors what wasn't finished and accepted payment I had been told. Meanwhile... many pipes were left open and unattached in my attic. Joints were left unglued. We have been venting into the attic for about 6months.
Alex, the owner, came by last week with the original plumber and stated that they didn't complete the job because they were asked to leave.
Which isn't true because my contractor called him to get his employee out that night. He knew that employee was not welcome back and that is why Anthony was sent the next time.
As you can all see... this company caused us so many problems and they are very hard and unreasonable to deal with from our experience.
Now we have to get another company to fix their job and to complete the rest of the job.

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13 reviews Toronto, ON

Bathroom renovations

I hired A and Y plumbing to do the rough in and finishing for all my jobs Mostly bathrooms as I am Jerry Shaban owner of Bathroom Specialists
. The plumbers A and Y have sent out have always done a professional job at a reasonable rate.I highly recommend them for all your plumbing needs

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What could this company do to improve their services?
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Company Response

Hi Jerry, thank you for your wonderful words. It is always a pleasure to work for you. We are always available for you. Sincerely, A and Y Team

Archie in Toronto
Archie in Toronto
1 review Toronto, ON

Bathroom Renovation

Including rough-in and finishing, I had other quotes ranging from $2200 to $8500. A&Y was willing to do the work on an hourly rate, saving me tonnes of money. Both the plumbers and Victoria in the office are friendly and easy to work with. The work was well done.

Approximate cost of services:
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Company Response

Hi, we enjoyed doing this project for you. We will do our greatest to keep up our standards and our good work for you. Thank you, A and Y Team

Yaro in Etobicoke
Yaro in Etobicoke
1 review Newmarket, ON

Watersoftener Broke, Clogged up the whole plumbing system

We suddenly lost all water and pressure throughout the whole house. We saw what initially looked to be rust coming out of taps were actually little resin beads. We thought we caught something from the city. However when Alex showed up, he quickly identified that it was actually the resin bed in our water softener that broke and clogged up our whole system. Alex was very helpful and professional the whole time. He helped clean out the whole house system. From all faucets, shower heads, hot/cold valves, all aerators, to fridge filter, to washing machine filters, to blowing down all the lines. He also replaced several fill valves. Spent about 6 hours on the job. Thank you A and Y and thank you Alex for great help with this disaster :) A+ for quick response time.

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Company Response

Thank you so much for your review. It makes us really happy to be making a difference and helping out. If you will need any future help, do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, A and Y Team

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