We had backing up sewage in the basement, so we called A & Y Plumbing on a recommendation. They came and found that the problem was a clogged main drain. They brought a big snake machine and snaked my drain line and managed to clear the blockage. They suggested to do a camera inspection to check the drain to see why it was clogged. They showed me that the cause of the blockage was shifted pipes. The problem was outside of my house on the front yard. They came up with a great plan to change that section of the pipe and fixing and excavating 10 feet deep but they had to dig by hand using a jackhammer because the soil was very frozen and it was neater to dig by hand as they didn't want to ruin my garden and the excavator would be too messy and would ruin my garden. It took them 2 days to finish the job as it was so tedious but they were very hardworking. They also cut a portion of pipe and changed it to a plastic one and made an access to the main drain. They placed a camera further to the city side and saw there are roots there but now the city has an easier access to it to clean the roots. They explained each step of the job to us and we were very informed on the job. It was a very nice and clean job. Keep on going, guys! You rock!

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