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EPDM flat roof

I hired Sam to do my flat roof and from the pictures, it looked like he'd done a good job. I hired him to do other outdoor jobs, such as re-installing new fence posts to replace broken ones. A week later, I noticed that the posts were put in so badly that they turned and pulled the fence forward. Then I noticed how badly Sam had wrapped my chimney and how the rubber membrane was never cut flush with the brick on my house so it stuck out and looked sloppy. Sam had mixed the cement for the fence posts on my new deck boards, which he installed, and now I had a huge cement patch on my deck that I had to clean again and again to get rid of the cement. I had scheduled Sam to do more work, but wrote him to say that I wouldn't be hiring him again because his work was sloppy and unprofessional. I knew I had to go on the roof but when my contractor and I finally went up, I literally wept. I've never seen a "brand new roof" look so bad. I know I shouldn't take it personally but I felt completely ripped off. There were broken seams everywhere. The flashing was drilled so tight in areas that it bulged out. The solar tube was wrapped with no flashing ring at the bottom and a big slice down the front so it gathered water. I could go on but let me just say that my insurance company was called when a tree fell on my neighbour's house. I have their full report where they have stated that the only reason my roof is not leaking is because of my old roof. The only reason I got a new roof, even though the old one wasn't leaking, was for resale value. Now I'm $8,000 in the hole, which I paid to Sam, and have to spend the same amount to have the work he did ripped off and completely redone. I've emailed him to ask him to reimburse me before I start legal action, but I have yet to hear from him so that will be my next step. I would be happy to attach the photos that the insurance company's roofer and my own second roofer sent me, along with their evaluation. To sum up, Sam threw boards down on my old roof, didn't attach them, threw rubber membrane on top but didn't secure it properly and left me with a roof that does not meet any standards. Insult to injury was when I specifically asked him not to leave any roofing garbage on my roof. He didn't. He threw all of his garbage on to my neighbour's roof. Thank goodness I found it and got rid of it before they found it.

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