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Front walkway and garden landscaping

We got friendly service from Todd and Tammy Gould, the husband and wife team who run TWG. They also offer a 2 year warranty on their work. Immediately after the construction was complete, I had two questions: wouldn't the large crevice in the rock we were using as a step fill with water and freeze creating a slippery step in the winter? Also, the "sand" that was holding our flagstone in place seemed to not be coming up already and this was worrying. Our fears were allayed, but after the first winter, both questions proved to be real concerns. Todd did come out, true to the warranty and re-sanding the sand between the flagstones. I wasn't sure how doing the same thing would address the issue. This is the third year and yes, the sand has mostly gone and now some pavers that were adhered to our porch are coming off. We called Todd and were informed, rightly so, that the work was no longer under warranty. Tammy did send us a letter addressing our problem and outlined how we could undertake the DIY of fixing the stones and what do buy to do so.

EDIT: A response to Tammy's response below:
1. Yes, natural products have natural flaws. However when a customer brings up a SAFETY risk, it should be addressed. In fact, if only you had turned the stone over, we would not have a risk of slipping on ice every winter. An easy, free solution to something a customer had brought up before the stone was laid.

2. I don't see anything in my review to say I felt "so strongly against our craftsmanship". In fact, if you read my review it is very factual in terms of events that happened. Not in one place did I "trash" your company. In fact I mentioned you were friendly and that you stuck by your warranty AND that you offered us a solution after the warranty was over. Your response was unduly and disproportionately harsh.

3. You say that "it is a shame that one is able to just write whatever on site about a company without having to prove that it was all done in fault of the company whose image is being trashed." Actually, it's not a shame that consumers are able to review companies so that other consumers can make informed decisions - this is the goal of such a website after all. I said what happened in factual terms in a very respectful way. I never said it was your fault how the stone was built, I simply believe it was your job to provide solutions that worked for our project.

4. As for your comment that you "never guaranteed that the sand would not blow out or have to be replaced, it is sand. ” We asked for flagstone to be surrounded by a material that would harden and stay in place. Your company suggested the "sand" which you said, is a sand-based product that would harden and set in place, but in fact it simply came out. Again, it would be your job to recommend a product that would accomplish what the customer wanted and we trusted you to do this. However, the product not suitable for our project. We appreciated Todd coming out again to live up to the warranty, but simply putting more of the same product did not solve our issues.

I'm sure you get lots of people "ranting praises" and lots of referrals from previous clients. However, you do have to understand that not everyone is satisfied with the work and everyone has a right to discuss their experience in a truthful and respectful way, which is what I have done and this is the purpose of this website. Have a look at some other reviews if you want to see a really scathing review. I have not said that ALL your craftmanship is poor or that you are terrible people; I have simply stated my personal ONE experience of your company, which I have every right to do and which is the reason for having a site like this. You seem to be angry at the fact this website exists and you seem to only want customers to post positive reviews; this seems contrary to the fact that you're a registered company on this site, a site that requires customers to review contractors. Best, Lisa

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Company Response

Every Contract handed and agreed upon with our company explains that Natural products come with natural flaws and we cannot control what the weather is going to do to a crevace or if water will pool and that the client acknowledges this before using such products as they are not returnable. It is unfortunate that you feel so strongly against our craftsmanship however, we build things to suit a clients request and our craftsmanship and reputation within the industry is exemplary with clients constantly ranting praises of our work. We wish you better luck with your next choice however, our company does everything in its power to go over and above regulated bases and care in our work to provide properties that far exceed manufacuturer specifications to provide great end results for our clients and most are repeat and referral clients. It is a shame that one is able to just write whatever on site about a company without having to prove that it was all done in fault of the company whose image is being trashed. We did what you requested in the way you requested it and in the budget you requested it for and never guaranteed that the sand would not blow out or have to be replaced, it is sand.