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Snow removal

The good and the bad.
The bad, on a major snow event it took well over 24 hrs for the snow to be removed. We have had this service for over 5 years and apparently we are one of the last homes to be served on their list. So paying close to 300 a month for snow removal, which some months result in no service (that’s ok, that’s the deal), but when it does snow I expect the snow to be shoveled. As I was out shoveling my driveway because hubby had to get to work and was stuck, this was in the morning at 8 am. I continued to shovel in the afternoon after 3 pm so he could get into the garage.

Snow shoveled the next day after 11 am, where I did chat with the very nice man completing our service, who confirmed basically we are close to last on the list, and pretty much we could expect that every time.
He did a great job and in now way is this a reflection on him.

When questioned about the service basically too bad you’re last, no apologies, and feel free to find someone else next year if you’re unhappy. So I would give a fail on customer service.

The good, they provide photos, which we are often out of town so that’s handy, and in those cases it’s ok we are last.

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Company Response

Hello Thomas, thank you for your feedback. Our snow removal contracts have always been based off of snow being cleared within 24 hours of snowfall ceasing with delays to be expected on any snowfalls over 6" as we are limited by traffic and weather conditions, we also have to consider the safety of our employees as they are out during the worst of the storm. Our routes are also based off of the proximity of your home to other homes in the area, We never give precedence to any clients based on number of years of service and we do like to change the routes up each year to try and even things out, over the last 5 years, your house has been second on the list due to the concentration of homes in that area, this year the concentration is not as dense so we are servicing other areas first. We do have no problems facilitating clients with special needs (snow needing to be cleared by a certain time) however there is an additional cost to this service as we have to structure our entire snow removal route around that particular client. The service you pay for is as per our terms and conditions as that is what level of service we can guarantee, as was discussed over the phone, we never want to provide a bare minimum level of service, however we also need to set realistic expectations for our clients in the event of a major snowfall. I would urge you to consider the level of service that has been provided over the past five years (including this one) based off a regular snow event. Furthermore, you had suggested that you wanted to find a more local company to accommodate your snow removal services, I simply wanted to be completely transparent about the level of service that could be expected by us, and that if that did not meet your expectations, then it may be best to find someone who can accommodate your needs, the last thing we would want to do is promise a service that we quite simply cannot deliver, This was not meant as "tough luck your last" and I am sorry if that is how you interpreted it, I simply wanted to clearly state what can be expected from us during a snowfall such as the event over the last two days and that if it is not what you are expecting, I do not want to charge for a service you are unhappy with, that makes no sense for us as a business and for you as a paying customer.