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Pickering in Mississauga
Pickering in Mississauga
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Home Renovation

I Hired PaulDavis to complete a renovation at my home. The project manager assigned all work to a subcontractor - PaulDavis doesn't actually do any of the work, it is all contracted out. There were 4 significant blunders that occurred on the project ( and a number of smaller ones along the way). The significant blunders were all caused by lack of project management and were - (i) ordering the incorrect number of structural beams - about 4 weeks for each separate order - creating a major timing issue; (ii) subfloors "accidently" ripped up by subcontractors. And instead of replacing with new plywood, the team put the damaged wood back down on the floor; (iii) incorrect insulation put into the ceilings even thought the city of Pickering inspectors clearly indicated to the Project Manager that the insulation that was required; and (iv) gas fittings for fireplaces that were in the home (and remaining) were removed by "accident".

And the best part of all, I was asked by Mr. Moore to pay the remaining balance owing (less 10%) before he would commence any additional work. I requested an alternative payment schedule due to the major missteps that had occurred as well as the fact that we were now moving to the third schedule detailing new timelines for the completion of the project. This was met with refusal to do any further work on the project and the Project Manager had the electrician that was subcontracted immediately pull the electrical permit.

Overall, it was a very bad experience and I'm out a lot of money for all the work that needs to be completed.

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