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Brent from Scarborough
Brent from Scarborough
1 review Scarborough, ON

Humidifier and pump

My relationship with Northwood started very promising in October 2011 when they came to install a humidifier and condensate pump. The work was more than the crew expected and Northwood helped with the labour costs. However after only two years of use the condensate pump was shot and since I have never had one before I actually think it was defective from the beginning based on what the technician said. Dec. 17th the technician came to inspect the pump and said I needed a new one. He told me they would order one and call me when it came. A full month later on Jan. 15th I finally called to get an update. Steph said she would check and call me back the next day. The next day and came and went and so I called back on Jan. 17th. She said she needed to make a call and would get back to me. Finally on Jan. 22nd she called me back saying she needed a serial number. I gave that to her and she ordered the part. All through this dialogue I felt we should have a price break as it seems rather sad that the part only lasted two years (less then that really!). She kept saying she would ask and always had an excuse as to why she didn't have an answer yet. Finally the part came and the technician installed it (Jan. 31). During his installation process he said we need a new thermostat for the humidifier as it doesn't work. This again was the same one installed in Oct. 2011. Of course he said we could order a new one. As he was writing up his bill I finally had to call Steph back to ask for the discount and miraculously she had someone to ask on the spot. A 10% discount... but I guess that was made up in the 1.5 hours of billable time I was charged for what was a total of 30 min in and out by the technician. Needless to say I will not be ordering the thermostat. What a frustrating experience this was for me as I had to call countless times to get any response from this company and I probably would still be waiting for the condensate pump if I never called in the first place. I guess customer service is not a priority for this company!

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