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Daniel Stein from Toronto
Daniel Stein from Toronto
3 reviews Toronto, ON

Installation of front door

My wife and I were recommended to Ricardo from Home Hardware, where we were going to purchase a new front door. He came to our house before installation and purchase looked at the existing door and gave us a recommendation regarding which door to purchase. He also gave us a quote for his services.

After delivery, Ricardo and an assistant removed the existing door and installed the new one, as well as painted the front door, all in one day. Very shortly thereafter, we noticed that the top of the door was leaning into the door frame and slightly hitting it as it closed. Ricardo returned, removed the door from its hinges, and then reinstalled it. He told us that this was the best he could do and said that the leaning was due to issues relating to the house itself.

As time passed, the door progressively leaned more and more into the door frame. Approximately one year later, I decided to contact Ricardo again and ask him to fix problem. He again said that the issue was related to the house, not his work, but said that he would come by the next day to look at the door to see what he would do. The next day he failed to show up. I called him and he said he would come by when he could. A week passed, so I called him again. He said that he had been sick but the call did not go well as he continued to shift blame towards the house.

I would highly dissuade someone from using Ricardo given his conduct. He is very talkative and does not listen. He asks rhetorical questions but does not appreciate if you answer them. He has had every chance to make this right but instead believes that he did what he was supposed to do. He gave us a quote for the job and then failed to do what he was supposed to do. Given how defensive and argumentative he is, it was impossible to even have him come by to look at it and reasonably discuss the matter.

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