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Repeat C.
Repeat C.
12 reviews Newmarket, ON

Great work for a great price

In the past few years, the weeds had taken over our lawn. There were more weeds than grass. It was out of control. There was too much to try and spot treat with Glyphosate (aka "RoundUp"). Then we heard about HomeTurf Lawn Care. So we went to their website to check it out.

Right away, boom, I was given the option to get a quote for my lawn. Brilliant! No having to wait for a tech to show up and give me a hard sell, no having to schedule times to wait around for someone who may not ever appear, just type in the address and BAM, there's my price.

What was great was that the company STUCK TO THE PRICE QUOTED. No hidden fees. No small print. No silly excuses of "Oh that pricing only works for GREEN grass. Your grass is Green Green, not just Green. So I'll have to charge you extra..." Nope. The price quoted was the price paid. All very nice and easy. And the price was maybe 1/3 of that of similar competing services from other companies with flashier marketing and fancy brochures.

Immediately prior to hiring HomeTurf, I emailed them pictures of the horrifying state of my lawn to confirm if they could even help, or if it was a lost cause. The tech manager called me back upon reviewing the pics and said yes, the lawn could be saved, though to be fair it might take until the 2nd year of treatment to take full effect. Yes, the manager said, some effect and gradual incremental changes would be seen right away, though likely not reaching peak performance until a 2nd season. This wasn't a hard sell or sales tactic, the tech manager wanted to ensure that the company set the right expectations from the get go.

True to their word, after the first few treatments, the lawn started to get better a little bit at a time. The tide was turning in the war of the weeds, and the lawn was coming back to life...slowly.

Now, having just completed a 2nd full year of treatments, the difference is overwhelming. The grass is lush and green, soft and bouncy. The weeds are crowded out by all the vibrant healthy grass instead.

My neighbour, jealous that my lawn was all healthy and green, loved what he saw from the results of using HomeTurf, and himself is now a customer. The results speak for themselves.

New this year, at least for me, is that they have started to call me about 24 hours out from their anticipated next visit. This gives me the chance to clean up the lawn from any wading pools, toys, soccer balls, hoses, etc to better allow the tech to do his / her job.

VERY happy with the service, the value for the $.

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Company Response

Thank you so much for your lovely review, Repeat C! We're thrilled that you've had such an excellent experience with us and that your lawn looks beautiful because of our services. We love hearing that you recommend us to a neighbour, it means the world to us! We appreciate your business and recommendation and look forward to servicing your lawn again next season!