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Elwin from Vaughan
Elwin from Vaughan
38 reviews Vaughan, ON

Three Small items

I had 3 small items for the Plumbing Company to review.
1) Outdoor garage tap seems to be leaking
2) Upstairs master bathroom sink has a bad poop smell coming out of it
3) Unfinished basement drain seems to be partially clogged with rust.

I was charged the minimum service charge for a visit which was $150 + HST.

The Company was able to fix item #1 quickly.

Item #2 - they said they could change out the pipe but that it would not fix the problem and that the smell would likely come back in 2-3 weeks. So I liked how they were honest and didn't just "hose" me to do work that would not fix the problem and just be a temporary band-aid solution. They recommended that I try baking soda & vinegar as my best bet for a solution.

Item #3 - the tech took a picture to send to the Company's drain specialist who called me back later that same day. They said they could come in and excavate to fix, but that it would be too much money for me. They said they see this a lot in new build homes and unfortunately, the builders do not install the basement drain properly. And that's what causes the rust build-up within the drain the eventually blocks the drain. I like instead of trying to get me to sign up for an expensive excavating job, they were honest and gave me a more financially reasonable alternative.
The alternative was just trying to chisel out the rust from the old pipe (being careful not to allow any rust to fall down into the pipe by using crumpled newspaper to block the pipe while I was chiseling) and putting in a new drain cover [the one the came from the builder was supposed to be stainless steel, but after 3 years, it's already all rusted and breaking apart]. I bought a new plastic drain cover from Home Depot.

I thought the technician was reliable and professional.

My only complaint - and it is a small one - is that they told me that they would arrive between 3-5pm on a Friday, but would call me on my cellphone before they started to come to give me a time estimate as to when they would actually arrive. However, on the Friday of my scheduled appointment, they just showed up and I never got a call (no missed calls & no voicemails) on my cell phone to give me the heads up of the timing. Luckily I was home already that day on vacation and was waiting for them. But I can see how it could have been different where timing did not work out since they did not do what they said they were going to do. That is, call before coming.

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