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And we have a winner!

There's no greater feeling than finding a house and watching Brent's face become perplexed and then more determined as he searches and doesn't find anything wrong with it (well nothing substantial, but he couldn't leave without finding at least ONE thing :)). After the first inspection of another house I had found didn't pass (Brent found several critical issues with the home), I of course called him again to inspect my latest find, because I was so thoroughly impressed with his abilities the first time around. Again, he took great care to go over everything thoroughly, spent about three hours doing the entire inspection (you get your money's worth), and made sure I understood in non-builder speak exactly what he discovered. So I found my dream home, and now I have peace of mind thanks to Brent -- I can't wait to move in. If you're considering buying a home, do NOT buy it without getting it inspected -- it's totally worth the money. And if you want the best, I'd highly suggest you book Brent.

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Peg, thank you so much for the feedback, but did you have to post my picture... I begged with you not to. Thanks. ;-) Anyways, Peg, that was a super nice home for you!!! You must be super excited with this one!!! A complete 180 degrees from the other. You're right; I do try and keep with the easy to understand terminology. If I start trying to impress people with all my home inspector lingo, I'll either bore them or completely confuse them. So I try and keep it simple so we all understand. Yes Peg, I do love when people tell me the house is being sold as "immaculate", and that I shouldn't find any problems. I hope that I don't find any problems. However, there's always something! Hey I did find a leak in the roof for you!... Thanks again Peg, and thank you for choosing Classic Home Inspections!!!