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J&J in Mississauga
J&J in Mississauga
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roof repair

We had a leak in our roof which the salesman quickly diagnosed without an actual inspection. He wrote us up a contract with a promised inspection on itfor the job we chosewhich was a sure fire resolve for our problem according to them. A couple of weeks later the workers arrived, very hyper and in a hurry climbed on the roof and down in 10-15 min having completed their $400.00 job. They left without saying anything; I just happened to see their truck drive away. Meanwhile the company is on the phone asking for payment. They promised they would work with us if the job they reccomended didn't work. The first rain we got after their repair we still had a leak and it seemed to get worse. We explained to them the repair din't work and that we were willing to pay more money to have it fixed but there was no interest from them only insult. The manager said to me that he didn't know why his salesman took on such "little jobs". I told him it may be little for them, but to us it is a lot of money for a repair that didn't work.
We contacted them repeatedly kindly and angrily and finally put in a complaint with the BBB because we never got an inspection that was promised with the job we requested. We have since gone with another company from Home Depot who charge half of what they charge.
I can't believe Mike Holmes has them on their list of contractors If only he knew.....Unless you are Mike Holmes I would just skip giving this company your hard earned money.

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Company Response

We are unable to warrant repair jobs because we are adding on to someone elses work. We always reccommend doing the entire roof if you have experienced leaks and then you will receive a full warranty. This customer was well aware that there was no warranty. We did the repair and it obviously did not work. When called back to do another repair job our answer was no. We were not willing to do another repair, the option for the entire roof was still available but they were not interested. There is nothing more we can do.