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Shane from Toronto
Shane from Toronto
7 reviews Toronto, ON

Asbestos Removal

My wife and I had two highly rated asbestos companies visit us to assess various floor and ceiling tiles in our recently purchased older home. Marcello couldn't make the morning appointment but the other company arrived at the scheduled time, so I thought the matter was decided. The other company's representative, a very friendly man, pointed to each area of concern and said "that's asbestos, that's asbestos." Because we knew nothing at the time, we believed every word he said. The recommended work totaled $8000. Marcello called and told us his brother, Dominic, would be at our house at 4 pm that day. I almost told them not to bother coming, but fortunately I did not. Dominic arrived and I thought he would point out the same areas as being asbestos. Nope. He came through looking at the areas, cutting small pieces out, telling me, "nope, you're lucky, this is cellulose, look." At first I didn't want to believe what he was saying as I had already set my mind on the seemingly trustworthy assessment made by the previous company. I had to call my wife in to hear what he was saying. He believed that only the 9 by 9 tile in the master bedroom, landing, and stairs contained asbestos, but he told us to send the samples away (he even cut them out for us) for our peace of mind. So we did. When the results came back, I realized that we had almost been taken for thousands of dollars by the first company (also very highly rated on here). Of the eight samples we sent, Dominic was correct on every single one: 7 negative, 1 positive. I later learned that he studies samples in a lab and teaches others how to do so--he and his brother Marcello are fully qualified, holding advanced degrees in the field.

As for the work itself, it was done quickly and for a very good price. Some pieces of tile remained, but I went through and removed them with an asbestos respirator, warm water, and a sponge, and lightly chiseled any small pieces I found still attached. Dominic returned and reassured me that this type of tile is low risk as long as power tools are not used.

Overall I am very happy with the work and experience. I am no longer concerned by this type of tile--non-friable/indurate, and I have Dominic and his team to thank. I would highly recommend them. And always send your samples for independent testing first, as Dominic taught us. Dominic is an honest man, and that is a rare thing indeed.

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Thank you , I understand maybe our experience in the field plus accreditations help home owners and others, please call me if you need anything.

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