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For a louver that has popped out of place, you can slide the louver back in place if the louver pin is still there. If the louver pin is missing or part of the louver is completely broken, it's time to call in a home service pro.

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Published: 04/20/2021
Service was good and found him knowledgeable, he followed through in remedying a factory mistake, all in all very pleasant. This was a second time we used him, he tends to remember his customers.
Published: 05/05/2021
Before making any purchase I always do my research. I call multiple companies, get many quotes and educate myself on the different products available. In the world of shutters and blinds I will save you the trouble as...
Published: 04/17/2021
Needed black out blinds for mater bedroom with secondary see through blinds. Same for secondary bedroom and living room with sliding door. Opted for battery automation. Extremely please with owner and staff. Came to my condo....