Town and Country was hired to pour the foundation for our home and we were pleased with the quality of work and service, so we had them come back to pour a large patio, 2 small pads, and 2 walkways. The walkway at our main entrance became badly pitted over the first Winter, the reason being that they overworked the concrete because it was late in the day when they got to it as the last area, they sent insufficient crew for the job and the cement did not have enough (or any) additive in it. Despite several emails and a site visit the company remains non-communicative as to giving us advice or accepting of responsibility. We had an independent expert on site last week who said clearly the concrete had been overworked. It is the first thing you see when you arrive at our home. Unless rectified or even addressed, T & C will continue to get a poor rating from us and our contacts.

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We had our driveway done last Fall. TAC Ottawa did a nice job. We were assured it would stand up to snowplowing and normal wear and tear. Unfortunately, the new lawn we had seeded last Fall now is scattered with loose stones from our snowblower this past Winter, and there are several ruts in the driveway as well as collapsed edges, both from a delivery of top soil last week, as well as from normal driving of our vehicles into the garage. We sent an email hoping to get a response to our problem 9 days ago, but so far no word back. I'll be happy to update my review if more positive results are forthcoming and lasting.

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