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This was my first time getting the ducts in my house cleaned. We had moved in to a newly built home, and after about 2 years the air was getting very dusty. We kept sneezing, so I called this company on someone's recommendation. They said most homes in a construction area (other homes still being built) get quite dusty from the construction air outside, and should get done sooner. I didn't know this, and was glad he mentioned it. There was a lot of dust. The person came on time, and took the time to show me what they were doing. He even explained the process to me, and showed me some of the debris they found in my ducts. They also showed me how clean they were after. I was very impressed when their supervisor came at the end to also do a complete inspection, to make sure they hadn't missed anything. They DID take off my return vents to clean in there, too. I was expecting to see dust flying everywhere when they hooked up those giant tubes, but the rest of my house stayed clean, even when they were working. What a difference! The air was so much better after! The staff working seemed to be happy with their jobs, and they were all very friendly.

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Call me with a friendly reminder the next time my home is due for a duct cleaning. They gave me a nice sticker to put on my furnace though, with the date on it. That was helpful, as it has their contact info on it.
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