Basil and Gynelle are lovely people and its a shame that the work was sub-par. Punctuality: We hired them to complete some drywall repairs after we removed some walls on our main floor. They issued a contract for the work, which outlined the timeline of the job and the price. They showed up late several times and didnt let us know they were going to be late (I had to point out that was not very professional and shows that they do not respect our time), and they canceled one day. The job took longer than they estimated, and the workmanship was not up to my standards. Quality: The repairs were not smooth, you can still see where the walls were in the ceiling work. Many of the seams cracked, I believe because they didnt tape all the joints. The mud work is lumpy, not sanded well, with gouges and rough spots and the tape showing through in spots (where they did use tape). They cut all the corner beads in half, so every wall's corner has a weird join about halfway up. They did paint primer on all the spots where they did repairs. There are paint splatters on the hardwood floors and paint on my front entry carpet, despite the drop cloths and plastic coverings, and for some reason they painted a white line of paint at the ceiling of all my walls, so now I have to repaint everything. They do have a 2 year guarantee on the work, and Basil came back with no issues to try and fix things. Things are still not 100%, and we will have to do the fine tuning before we can paint. Overall, for the cost, it was fine (you get what you pay for) and we will end up fixing the work they did ourselves.

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Company Response

We apologize towards your feelings. We strive to provide prominent quality services to our clients. As our business protocol, as well as apart of our contract, our hours of work are customized but are between the hours stated on your contract. Because we value all our clients' projects and work with a plethora of projects at similar times, it is not guaranteed we will be there at the exact time but in between the time given on your contract. We were under the impression that you were satisfied with our work after your husband assessed the ceilings upon completion a month ago. I wish we could have reconciled your concerns 30 days ago. According to your contract, you have a two year warranty with us and we are willing to up hold that. We would love to reconcile this matter as soon as possible for the sake of your satisfaction and our standards.