We went from a completely unfinished back basement area to a bright, beautiful and inviting laundry, furnace and storage area, complete with cupboards and a sink large enough to wash our dogs in. We added great looking click vinyl flooring that is waterproof, quiet and warm on the feet. We had the adjoining recreation rooms flooring replaced with the same flooring, new trim and rough ceiling turned into a beautiful flat ceiling. We had the main family room floor also replaced with the same flooring. At Fabiano's recommendation we enclosed the furnace area that gave the area a very clean and finished look, using sliding doors to allow access to any area of the furnace while completely hiding it when closed. We added a cloths closet and lots of shelving for storage. Access panels were used in spots where we may need to access for water shut-offs and bell, cable, hydro and crawl space. We did add a few extras and there were some delays which are to be expected. We supplied at our cost, our choice of flooring, lights, cabinets, sink, facet and tile ( costs are included in approximate cost of project). The work did run longer than expected but we are very happy with the end product. Now the complete house is finished and we can enjoy.

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Thank you very much Susan and Ron, I'm so happy to hear you guys are satisfied with the final result of the project, thanks again