After doing some research, we decided to work with Modular on our second floor addition, due to the speed that they could complete the work. At my job, I work daily with contractors and subcontractors, and I have to say the entire Modular team were easy to work with. Our old roof was removed in 2 days, and due to rain, there was a slight delay in bringing the house up, but it was quite an event when Modular showed up on our street mid-October with all the pieces of the house, and had everything up by early afternoon. We have gotten several compliments from our neighbors on the quality and speed of the work completed. I am in particular impressed with the stone work, which completely changed the curb appeal of our house. Most of their subcontractors were top-notch, polite, and answered our questions. I believe the substantial completion of the addition wad done in about 5 weeks. Meanwhile, I have seen other home additions that have been covered in tarps for months without any visible progress. There was a slight delay in the permit procedure, which added a slight delay to our project, and also, some of their sub-contractors are kept too busy running from site to site, which again, caused some delays. However, overall we had an excellent experience with Modular and would recommend them for this type of work.

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Got 2 tires replaced at the Auto Center a few months ago, and first they put a cheaper model on my tires. When I picked up my car, I noticed, and they put the right ones back on. The technician rushed the second install, resulting in both rims being chipped, dented, and scratched. I complained to the service manager, Paul, and he made some excuse about the damage being pre-existing from road salt. Problem is, the other two rims are completely perfect and intact. Refused to compensate me for the damage done. Do not get your auto repairs done here! Attached pics show damage done to 2 rims, and one good rim which they didn't get their hands on.

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I bought a used 27" Philips TV from Dae Han about a year ago, and was guaranteed a 1-year warranty. When I got it home, I noticed that the edges of the screen were bowed, and not properly tuned. I called back, and the owner did not want to send someone to fix the TV, and made me take it back to the store. If you've ever had to transport a 27" CRT, you know how hard that is. When I got it in the store 3 days later, he said it would cost more to fix than to replace, but when I asked him to exchange the TV, he asked for more money. Bottom line, their refurbished TV's are not fixed to original quality, and although you'll get a warranty card with the owner's personal signature on it, he won't honor it.

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I moved with El Cheapo in October of 2007 from my basement apartment to my current apartment building. They arrived on time, and worked quickly, even though they had to move all my furniture through a narrow alleyway. They finished in less time than I budgeted for, and nothing was damaged. I am moving again in December, hope they are free!

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