They tore down a very large older deck and built a new one that was an exact replica. The work was done on time and on budget and with care. It looks great and feels much more solid than the one it replaced. Excellent work by courteous careful people. Recommended.

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Company Response

Thanks for choosing us to do your deck! We appreciate your kind comments to our company!Enjoy the deck!


I contracted them to install a completely new water filtration system at my house. The system didn't seem to be working optimally because, while the quality of the water was improved, there seemed to be a lot of air in the system. When I called them to ask about that, a few weeks after the system was installed, they told me that it was probably because we didn't use enough water. They never came out to check the system. A few weeks later there was a flood which caused extensive damage to the area around the system including baseboard, door frame, carpet and drywall and a brand new hot water heater, situated next to the water filtration system was completely ruined. The cause of the leak was clearly identified by the hot water tank technician as the water filtration system. The Water Company has denied any responsibility for this despite pictures clearly showing water leaking from the system. They claim that they "DO NOT do faulty installations" a pretty presumptuous claim of infallibility that is obviously disproved by this case. They refuse to deal with any of the costs of this, which will likely be over $10,000. The lawyers are now involved. Draw your conclusions about dealing with this company.

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