Royal Town does a fantastic job! We asked them, upon seeing their work in our neighbourhood (Agincourt), to quote on our project. The whole project was meticulously and professionally completed. The owner, Danilo, also adds his artistry, perfectionism, and years of experience, so that the "curb appeal" is maximal. Royal Town offers great value for the money on big projects like ours! We recommend Royal Town without hesitation (and already have)!

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Cosmopolitan appeared to be a good vendor when they sold us an air conditioner in 2013 (when they WERE rated top 3 in HomeStars). However, after the first year, our AC has required top ups of freon to get us through each summer?! These top ups always came at our expense and they never wanted to find the root cause - a leak in their equipment/ installation. This year, already by June, we have insufficient freon to cool our house. When I called, I got some form of call screening. On Monday, I had to call 5 times, because James has not initiated his voicemail, only to find out at 5:00 pm that he had not been in the office all day? I asked to speak to the General Manager, so my call was forwarded to Mike, when in fact, Adam, is the General Manager, and supposedly the one to get me some action. Through this experience, I have learned they have no "24 hr. emergency" response - my business has to fit in their schedule (“some time next week”); they do not return calls, even when they say they will, and issues drag on for days. This office has no idea what customer service is; just contempt for their customers. I have moved my business to the company which services my furnace, “M*****”, who responded in 12 hrs., sent their top service person and is fixing the root cause (leak) at 50% of the cost Cosmopolitan quoted ($369 not $750) for leak detection on Cosmopolitan's installation. Conclusion: Cosmopolitan does NOT deserve my business and I will never return to or refer them again. They belong at the bottom of HomeStars’ ratings!

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