Our dryer was over heating and shutting off after less than 5 minutes of drying time. We called and made an appointment with Cascade. Steve came over (on time) and gave us an assessment of the dryer. He found out it was 21 years old but it could be worth it to fix the problem as the dryer manufacturer had issued a kit to retrofit this model the year after it was manufactured. Since the dryer was only having this problem now, and the rest of the dryer was in good shape. I decided to go for the repair. Steve also let me know this was a good manufacturer and we could get years of good service out of it, or the motor might go in a few months. It's always a risk with any appliance, but the old ones are built better and last longer than any of the new ones. I'd rather fix a well built appliance than replace it, so I made the appointment for him to return. But before he left I, also ask a few questions about my new dishwasher. It wasn't working very well either so he took a look at it too and gave me some good advice on what steps I could take to get it to work better. This is over and above service, he could have brushed me off or asked me to make another appointment for the dishwasher but instead he took the time to check it out and explain what the problem might be. He arrived to make the dryer repair, on time, pleasant, polite, knowledgable and professional. Now, the dryer works fine and I would not hesitate to call them again or recommend them to a friend.

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