We hired Kangro to design and build a custom gate for our backyard. We needed it to be secure, provide privacy and look good. Bevan was a pleasure to work with and we’re super happy with the gate.

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Thank you for this wonderful review and Thank you so much for your support during such a difficult and unnerving 2020


Sorry for not writing this sooner as I see others have had the same bad experience. Very nice man but not a good contractor at all. We had minor leakage near a skylight and Sam said it needed to be replaced (learned after the fact it did not). He said how great the new one would look, and it does, on the outside. What he did not say was that the new skylight will not fit the space properly on the inside and so we have this hideous looking gap on the inside of our house. When I confronted him, he said he "doesn't do the inside, only the outside". Really. A decent contractor would tell you that the new skylight will not fit exactly and let you decide if it's a good idea to proceed. We also hired him to do some waterproofing on the outside of our house. The way he described his work, how good it will look and how effective, he guaranteed it for 5 years...Well, he basically slapped concrete along the gap between our house and the concrete walkway and charged $12/foot for the pleasure. Not only was it ugly and not effective, after two years he stopped returning calls to fix the cracked parging mess he made. Do not hire this contractor.

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