I purchased hardwood flooring from Kultur Flooring in Mississauga back in August 2009. I dealt with both John and Robert Kember. Robert was responsible for installation, which was done by his installer Victor in October 2009. A couple of months later a gap formed between two floor boards at the doorway to my room. I called Kultur and was told to buy a humidifier and see if that would help. I did, in fact I put 2 humdifiers in the room and nothing happened. I called back a few times and eventually spoke with Robert who sent out the original installer Victor to take a look. Victor told me they needed a part to fix the problem and would be back ina couple of weeks. This was March/April 2010. No one ever came and I didn't receive any responses to my inquiries. The gap disappeared in the summer weather but was back again in the fall/winter. I contacted Robert again and heard back from him in January 2011. He told me that he would arrange a time with the installer to come out and fix the problem and would call me back in a couple of days. I never heard from him again and it's now April 2010. I've sent numerous emails and called many times. My faxes were rejected and then I could no longer leave nessages at the store as the mailbox was full. It looked like the store on Dundas was gone and I tracked Robert to the Oakville location of Kultur Flooring. So I sent him an email and fax there and still no response. It's now a year and a half later and I still have a gap in the floor. This morning I sent another email to advise that I would be registering a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Ministry of Consumers Services. If I still hear nothing I'll have a lawyer friend contact them. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. The floors are beautiful but once they're installed you can be sure that they won't care at all about correcting any problems with their installation or flooring. Their warranty is meaningless. Do yourself a favour and go with another company or at the very least another location because you will wish you had if anything at all goes wrong. The disregard I've experienced dealing with Mr. Kember is like nothing I've ever experienced before.

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