Bill has done a lot of work for us over the years since purchasing this home. Since then he's removed an old gas BBQ, installed a new AC, installed a new furnace, humidifier, as well as the maintenance that goes with them. Most recently when our AC wasn't pumping cold air into the house Bill came out the next morning and discovered there was a clog within the AC unit, which although is rare can happen. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and takes great care in what he does.

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These men work tirelessly and deligently to ensure their clients are beyond satisfied. 3 years ago they did our backyard patio, walkway with retaining wall and driveway. When they did the front patio they removed the asphalt that spanned the length of the house and the 3 massive concrete slabs from the front that were 12" thick. They check and recheck grading for proper drainage. Then they recheck again and get on all fours with a level, going across and filling in by hand as needed. Update: 2 years later and some stones have moved, which I suppose should be expected. We noticed one side of our back patio never had edging put in and all the stones on that side were out of place and leaning into the garden. It took a while for them to come back and do that. They put it in before the winter and once the snow melted I noticed it was all sticking up in the middle. They left extra nails, so I guess I will be nailing it down myself. Overall I suppose I’m satisfied because I know the removal was arduous and everything looks decent years later. I know they’re a busy company, but I would have preferred not to wait a year for the edging to be put in after multiple reminders. It’s just a shame that it seems that once they have all of your money the motivation to do a job and fix a problem is gone.

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Company Response

Thank you Steph and Leo. Thank you for review.
It was wonderful working with you again and congratulations on your new bundle of joy.....

Stay in touch with us and thank you for your hospitality

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