I knew about SWAT Wildlife for a while now. A couple of years ago Derick and one of his team members came to my boss's house in Ajax to inspect a raccoon issue. They quickly, efficiently and most importantly safely removed the baby racoons from the chimney and secured all entry-ways that could prove to be a further burden in the future. The humane nature they use to remove the animals is amazing. When I heard noises in my chimney, I knew who to call. SWAT responded to my call within two days and even in the cold and snow, they climbed to the roof and capped off the chimney with a one-way door. The squirrels were unable to return once they exited and the noises stopped. A few weeks later, when I became concerned that I heard noises in the attic, Derick came for a follow-up, checked the attic for any other entry ways and even performed a bit of exterior work in areas he felt may be a concern (but assured me they weren't). I am confident that I won't be having any more issues. I appreciate the extent of effort that SWAT shows for their customers. Dan

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Thank-you Dan!