I could write a book. But I'll leave it at this; the painter dumped a bucket of paint on our new (3 day old) brown leather couch and tried to wipe it up without notifying us. We had to have it professionally re-stained. To this day I find new paint specks on it every time I sit on it. The walls weren't prepped properly and had to be re-done. They went through a number of painters, the last who was supposed to be the best, got paint on an adjacent wall. His solution was to paint a 6 inch wide strip on the adjacent wall, thinking we wouldn't notice! Two small magnetic boards were left on the wall and painted around! We were so angry but really had to laugh at the stupidity of the workmanship, if that's what it can be called. We agreed to pay a discounted fee, covering materials and the rooms that didn't have screw-ups (only one of three). The owner is young and every time I called him, he was either visiting Florida or skiing in Quebec. Must be nice!

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Sandro's attention to detail is unbelievably high. He cares for his work as though he were doing for his own sake. He is a very talented and gifted craftsman - a rare find today. He can do amazing custom cabinetry and woodworking. I would highly recommend him, but book him early as he is in very high demand.

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We live in North Toronto and had, for the first time since purchasing the home over 4 years ago, sewer gas and bad odours coming up through our main drain in the basement. We contacted this company for emergency service on a Sunday. They were very timely and had arrived at the house within an 2 hours of our call. Our house had a complete basement renovation, including being dug down and the entire basement plumbing was new. My suspicion was not that we had a broken drain pipe, but rather a plugged vent that was preventing the proper flow of drain water. The contractor was offended and condescending when I suggested that the problem was minor. He proceeded to tell me the entire basement plumbing was not to code and would have to be ripped up, as well as additional work in the front yard. His quote was $3816.00 for the "repair". I then contacted the City of Toronto via and they dispatched someone from the wastewater and sewer division who arrived at my home in less than an hour. He was on-site for about 1 hour and deduced that there were no plumbing issues everything was fine. He suggested the sewer smell was caused by a back-up that left gunk in my weeping tiles that surround the house that also drain into the main drain and that the odour was coming from them. We cleaned out the main drain with a hose and he recommended a $15 "backflow valve" from Home Depot to prevent gases from coming up through the main drain. Everything is functioning fine.

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