I haven’t received my closet yet. I signed the contract on February 18/2021 with the designer, and I expected the delivery date to be 4-6 weeks as their usual. The designer told me because of COVID they are now doing it 15 weeks (3 months and half!!!) so date set to be June 3rd. On a Saturday afternoon May 29th ; 5 days before the installation they called and cancelled the appointment, and guess what, they shifted it not by one week or two, they delayed it by 40 DAYS!! The date now is July 15th!! When I asked the person who informed me of the delay about the reason, she said mixed stuff, first she said the installer left the company because of COVID! I asked , so is even my product ready? She said No it is not ready yet. Out of respect to your clients and as a professional company, if you can’t meet your due date , give me enough notice of one or two months to prepare myself as well. You can’t find out suddenly 5 days before installation ,and after all this wait, that my product is not ready , unless you totally forgot about my order, which I assume . You don’t know what have I done ,as I am doing other renovations ,of moving things around to make this date work , this on top of I have to delete my mother in law summer visit as I promised her after June 3rd so I have the Murphy bed for her, that is included in my order .... very very upset . Mariam

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We have done our main floor shutters with them 2 years ago. And because of the shutters quality we decided to do the upstairs level with them too this year. Mark is so professional at taking the measurements, it never went wrong. Then Brad took care of the quote and follow up. Finally, Jim came for installation . You can feel how they are all professional and dedicated. My house looks awesome after installing the shutters , which are made of high quality solid wood . Can’t thank you enough!

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