Purchased our A/C in 2018 from them after meeting with Rene who preached the strength of the "full" parts and labour warranty. The unit was installed at the end of August and barely used that summer. In May 2019 the unit was malfunctioning, cycling on and off and not cooling. Rene sent a technician who determined it was out of refrigerant and refilled it, but did not find or fix a leak. May 2020 comes around and same issue. This time they finally admit there is a slow leak. They want us to pay $100 service fee, $300 ink diagnostic test fee, and $400 to refill the refrigerant, even though it is under "full parts and labour warranty". We have been calling Rene repeatedly for weeks and he just keeps telling us someone will call us to discuss, but no one calls us. He doesn't even return our calls, he just texts us. Today we called him from our home phone and he returned the call not knowing it was us. He told us again that someone would contact us and hung up on us before we could discuss further. We paid them $4,000 to supply and install a fully functional A/C unit and they did not live up to their end of the bargain and now won't take responsibility and back up their work. They hold our warranty and are doing nothing to help us resolve the situation. They only care about money and have treated us horribly. We have written Trane, the maker of our unit to express our disgust in how poorly they have treated us, and will be filing complaints with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Affairs, The Better Business Bureau of Ontario, The Ontario Government, Consumer Protection Ontario, Consumers' Association of Canada, and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre. If you have been treated similarly by this company we urge you to contact these same organizations.

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Company Response

Were sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction.

Your warranty is through Home Depot where you purchased it. We are here to service it. However, we can only work within the parameters of the Home Depot warranty. It is unfortunate that you are not happy with the warranty that Home Depot has provided to you.

Rene is one of our best and long-standing salesmen that gives 100% to the customers.

Thank you

Update: Your AC has been serviced and is working great.