Recently had occasion to have my fireplace repaired but as it turned out it was little more than maintenance. The repairman was courteous on the phone and I am very pleased with this service

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Company Response

Thanks Sandra!
Your fireplace repair is fairly common for for a unit that is 15-20 years old. The pilot flame was burning dirty (yellow like a candle) so the thermopile wasn't getting hot enough to generate the required millivolts. I used my volt meter to verify the proper millivolt increase to 500mv after cleaning. Now you can see the pilot is blue/orange and more like a torch than a candle.
My volt meter also revealed the wall switch had excessive wear and high ohms resistance. I have a selection of wall switches in the van and matched the proper replacement switch for 2 dollars.
Overall the repair was straightforward and shows how the volt meter is the most important tool!
Let me know if you need any assistance in the future.
Best regards,
Natural Gas Technicians Inc/ The Fireplace Doctor