The sump in my 1950s bungalow basement has probably never had any maintenance and given that there is rotting foliage or roots in the sump space, I think it could be in urgent need of attention. In order to know what to do next I needed to understand where the water in the sump comes from and how the sump works and what my options are, given the Covid situation. I called Westside Drainage to try to get and understanding of the problem. Carlos took the time to explain the way the components of the 1950s sump and how it functions. He did this very clearly and patiently and I now understand the sump enough to anticipate the various directions the problems and how the repair might go, and to make some informed decisions. I enjoyed our conversation. Of course he could not make any recommendations without accessing the sump and seeing it for himself, which I hope will become possible when the Covid risk gets under better control in BC. Carlos is clearly an expert at what he does, was patient, personable and excellent in this first phase of what will likely continue as sump repair project with him when Covid allows it.

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Happy to explain things with you. Thanks for the review