Very dissatisfied with the quality of the work they do. They have come to our home three days in a row and still no heat and it is the middle of winter. We waited over the weekend and they don't call us on Monday, so I finally call them early in the afternoon on Monday. Hello, remember us? At that point, they say the needed part was ordered that morning and "may" arrive tomorrow so they "might" come out Tuesday afternoon and fix it. Then, at 4:30 pm on Monday (just before the end of the business day), they call and say they don't know what the problem is so they could try a few things and order some parts but it will cost more money and they won't guarantee anything will be fixed. He even suggested that the problem was that I did not give them a manual for the unit (which was untrue?) I would not recommend this company unless you don't care if the repair is done and you have money to burn. UPDATE: My husband was able to work on the furnace Monday night and get it to work by using his tools and electrical know how. The next day, an experienced worker came and replaced the part my husband diagnosed as needing to be replaced. Now we have heat. Yay! Thanks to my hubby!

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What could this company do to improve their services?
Provide timely and quality service. Hire experienced repairmen, not novices who bill for doing zero work. Do not tell a customer you have ordered a replacement part then call and tell them later that you don't know what part is needed so nothing has been ordered.
Any advice to offer fellow homeowners facing a similar project?
If you use this company, absolutely insist on getting an experienced repairman to service and diagnose your problem. Otherwise, it will cost you a lot of extra money while the inexperienced guy learns on your dime.
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