A couple of recent rainstorms caused water to collect in the bathroom and it seemed to be coming in from the exhaust fan. I called Harris (and got hold of him right away) to come and take a look at the fan vent on the roof to see if there was a broken seal or if animals had opened something up trying to get in. He showed up at the time we discussed meeting and even patiently waited for me when I was a few minutes late returning from an appointment. He was friendly, funny and knowledgable. He took photos to show me what he was seeing, which was a good looking roof but no caulking around the fan vent or stack. He explained what he would do and what materials he would use and got to work. He took pictures again of what he had done and I'm happy to say that my bathroom was nice and dry after yesterday's rainstorm. I should also add that I called a couple of companies to come and take a look and still haven't heard back from some of them. Thanks Harris!

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Company Response

I am very thankful for your excellent review and glad your roof didn't leak after my work!
Your professionalism is worth more than 10 stars!!
I'll be happy to solve any of your roofing problems in the future!!
Thanks again!!!


I highly suggest you do not hire Cozy Comfort to install anything for you unless they match the labour warranty to the parts warranty. And even then shop around. I hired Cozy Comfort to install a ductless A/C unit manufactured by Mitsubishi back in June '11. Just this past June it would not turn on (3 years later and with really only 4-6 months total of actually using the unit). Cozy Comfort came to diagnose the problem, which took an unbelievably long time (the Tech blamed being on hold with Mitsubishi for so long). I was told the control board must be replaced. The part is still covered under warranty but they charged me a total of $316.40 to replace it in addition to the $145.77 charged for the initial diagnosis. I was disappointed by these charges considering I already spent $4,000 to have the unit installed. Now they wanted another $400 for a repair on a unit that they highly recommended? I spoke with Javier - no idea what his role at the company is - and asked him not to charge me as clearly the unit was defective and it was now costing much more than I expected to pay. He had no sympathy, said they never have problems with those units and just complained about who would pay the Tech to do that work. Not my problem. I think a company like Cozy Comfort should stand by the products they sell (especially if it’s rare for them to have problems like this) and make it right when it goes wrong. I asked that the initial diagnosis fee be refunded and I would be happy to pay the fee to replace the control board (even though I felt that I shouldn't) and this was not an agreeable compromise for him at all. Cozy Comfort have lost my business. Especially since they serviced my boiled prior to last winter, told me I needed a part replaced and never came to do so or call to follow up - despite my calls to them. Actually, I think you should take your business elsewhere. You can see for yourself as they have many poor reviews below and lots of excuses.

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Company Response

We thank all our customers for their reviews, good or bad, they make us more determined to evaluate ourselves and find better means to serve our clients.

However, at times there are situations that may be hard for customer to understand and see it from the service providers perspectives (not excuses).
It is a common fact and practice that Air Conditioning units and Furnaces should be maintained and serviced on an annual basis, this would both prolong the service life of the unit and provide indications of some foreseeable problems.
However, since installation on 07/June/2011, we were never called for the ductless unit under review to be serviced or maintained, so a service call for diagnostic purposes, which is a common practice carried out by every company, would make sense.

Different manufacturers have different procedures for their warranty replacement parts, such as contacting tech support and obtaining case # or diagnostics approval. In doing so it was determined that unit's main board needs to be changed, of course, the board would be under warranty but labour $250.00, pick up and delivery from Mississauga $30.00 + HST was charged.
As has been stated on the invoice, after replacing the board,technician also carried out a complete tune up of the unit at no extra cost, which was not mentioned in the review. The charge for this tune up is $140.00 + HST.
Nevertheless, Javier who was the service manager at the time and he is no longer with Cozy Comfort any more, may not have taken the time to fully explain the situation to customer. Above mentioned points should have been explained to customer, plus the fact that due to recent power failures and surges in Toronto, electronically sensitive parts are more prone to damage/failure.

We sincerely hope that above explanation may cause a change of heart as we consider our customers and clients as a family. As a local HVAC service provider/contractor we also have to follow manufacturers and suppliers certain procedures and protocols yet we strive to provide best services to the best of our ability to all our customers.


We first met Troy late last year when he came to sort out the squirrels living in the roof over our porch. He took the time during our initial call to explain their techniques and answer the million questions we had. He scheduled a visit to our home within no time - no waiting days for a visit. He set up a one-way door and came back quickly to remove the door once the squirrels were gone. He did a good job of patching up the hole so no more animals could get in. NOW we have a problem with mice. Once again Troy was back to help us. He explained all about how the mice get in and what he would use to bait and how it works. He further explained how to monitor the bait ourselves but was very keen to be called back should we feel we needed his help. Upon leaving he noticed we had a loose piece of siding and climbed up his ladder to secure it for us before it fell on someone or allowed more wildlife in our home. Thank you Troy for you knowledge and for being so friendly.

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Thank you for the review. Troy is a great service tech. Shows up every time ready to work with a smile. Always ready to help out and service the customer. Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to help. Thank you.