We had a problem with Wasps up at the edge of the roof, which somehow were making their way into one of the bedrooms. We called them and they came the next day, but didn't bring a high enough ladder so had to come back the next morning. The gentleman sprayed the hole where the wasps were and he also sprayed inside the bedroom around the window, ceiling and air vent. It worked, about an hour or so later, we counted about 20 wasps which were dead, or nearly dead, so it was easy to just flush them away. We haven't seen any more wasps. I would recommend this company, we are satisfied with the service we received.

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Thank you very much for the positive feedback, Maria and Eddy. Do let us know if we can be of further service to you.


We called Ricardo and he came that same day. He looked at the roof and told us honestly that it didn't need to be replaced and that we could wait a few years to have it done. We were quite surprised by his honesty. We decided to replace it anyway as we wanted to change the colour scheme and to fix the top of the porch, which was in poor condition. They took a bit of time getting started on the job, but once they did, they completed the work in a professional manner. We would recommend them to anyone looking for an honest roofer.

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