What was good: Susan was very responsive and met the timeline and budget requirements. She was a pleasure to deal with. What disappointed: Sam the installer left one of the side runner pieces loose and knocked a chip out of the bottom of the door. Although the house is old, the principle of leaving the house in the state in which you found it was not adhered to. Lehal and Sam returned again to survey the damage and were unwilling to come up with creative solutions to solve what were small but inconvenient problems. I expected better customer service. I was disappointed that they absolved themselves of responsibility and, to add insult to injury, Sam wore his wet and dirty boots on the new carpet. The bottom line: Everything went well until the installation, and even then the problems were minor. However, I was disappointed by the lack of effort to try to find solutions. It is not the things that go wrong - it's the way in which you then handle them.

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Company Response

Although we are not perfect, most, if not all, of our reviews are excellent. That is because we simply don't do things like the ones you accused us of. Based on your complaints both the installer and I (Lehel) took the time to visit and consider the problems. That's a lot more than most contractors would have done for a $650 order (including taxes). However, we went, since customer service is the most important issue for us. The falling off, weak and barely held up stringer piece was shown to the man, that you left to supervise the installer, as soon as it fell off. He said to leave it and not to worry about it. In fact my installer spent about 15 minutes trying to repair it before he continued with the installation, even though it was not his fault that it let go the one nail that was NOT holding it in place. You also accused him of damaging a door on the landing, a small piece missing from the bottom of it, which looked like may have been off for a while already. He not only didn't hide the follen off stringer, he tried to fix it. As he was unsuccessful, he left the piece there for you to do with it as you please. If he possibly chipped out a piece from the bottom of the door (approx. 1" high x 2" long (???)), why would he not leave that piece there as well, so that it could at least be reinstalled by someone else? We just simply do NOT do things that you accused us of. We could NOT give you "creative solutions" at our expence to problems we did NOT create. The installer never stepped on the new carpet with his shoes. He stayed standing on the ceramic tiles and leaned over the corner when he respectfully addressed you.
I am very disappointed that you tried to blame us for things we did not cause.


In advance of my neighbour's house demolition, I contacted Brent on the recommendation of previous posters to inspect my foundation, walls, framing, etc. Brent was flexible, timely, personable, professional, thorough, and honest. And he genuinely cares. Would recommend highly. See you after the new house is built, Brent!

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Your proactive thinking was probably a wise decision. Given the fact that an older home three feet from yours will be demolished and a monster home will be put up in place could very well be a reason for concern. The exterior of your 75 + year old home was in fantastic shape, and let's hope it's that way when I come back to look at it. Thank you Alexa for the feedback, and for choosing Classic Home Inspections. See you soon!


I contacted Airworks based on the feedback from Homestars. Chris was flexible with the pricing and beat Direct Energy's quote. I was very satisfied with the work, and my house was left clean. My only disappointment was with timing - they came later than I was originally told, and the morning of there was no call to advise they were running late. Luckily all worked out, and I was very satisfied.

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