Our drainpipes were clogged (nothing had been done with them for over 50 years) and we were getting some water seeping through a foundation crack. Another business told us all our drain tiles needed replaced and quoted $16,000. I called Carlo from Westside Drainage because of his reviews. He came out and put a camera down and sure enough they were clogged with dirt. But Carlo suggested we dig up the two back corners of the house to see what was going on because he thought the backup may just be at those two points. We did the digging ourselves (to save money), Carlo came out and cleared out the debris from those points and determined everything else was working perfectly. He replaced some of the damaged drain tiles in those corners, we fixed the foundation crack and now we are as good as new. And it cost us approximately $1200. I can't say enough about how much his honestly means to me. He could have recommended full replacement but he is not out to swindle people. I highly recommend his service.

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