I've hired moving services before and although this experience was positive overall there is a good reason I only gave a 2 out of 10. First off I thought the gentlemen performing the move were courteous and friendly and I appreciate the hard work involved in moving. However there was an 8 foot tall standing lamp they forgot that I had to pick up after the new people moved in. There was also a lot of sweat on my side helping them out. At the new house I would tell the movers were to put items as they unloaded the truck, however if everything is dropped in a disorderly fashion you run out of space very quickly, thus a lot of heavy stuff was left in the garage because there was no space left in the rooms they belonged in. My wife and I were moving furniture for days on end because a lot of it was left in the garage. Of course I don’t expect a perfect move and all the above is understandable, but the thing that I cannot condone is misrepresentation by the company. I was quoted for 8 hours moving plus 1 hour travel for a total of 9 hours. Michelle’s email said 9 hours was the MAX to be billed, NO OVERTIME to be charged (view copy of email below). With tax the total should have been $864.45, however I was billed $1179.21, over $300 difference. Also 1 less wardrobe box was given than quoted, yet I was charged for extra regular sized boxes I needed to make up for the omission. If a company cannot stand by it’s word then you as a consumer should avoid it, there is no excuse. Plus, for that final cost the move should not have involved any work on my part, especially to make up for the unfinished moving. Email from Michelle ********************************** Thank you for allowing Ultimate Movers to quote you on your upcoming moving requirements. Your quotation is as follows: * 3/Men * Rate per hour is $85.00/hr * 24 ft truck is recommended for your move * 4 Wardrobe Cartons loaners for day of move only * 20 Free boxes for your move * Full disassembly and reassembly where & when required * All upholstered items to be covered in plastic * All furniture to be covered in quilted blankets * Fuel Surcharge may be applicable * Floor runners to protect your floors * We are fully insured & bonded * No overtime hours charged for over 8 hours * No extra charges for heavy pieces * Minimum 3/hrs work time + 1/hr travel time * Based on statistics of a 3-bedroom move Estimated time for this move: 7-8/hrs Estimated cost for this move: $680.00 - $765.00 + taxes Ultimate Choice Movers is known as one of Toronto’s finest full service moving companies. The day of your move, we want you to sit back, relax and let us do your move stress free/ trouble free. I hope the above is to your satisfaction. If you have any further questions or concerns or would like to continue with your booking, please feel free to contact our office, (416) 724-9910. Regards, Michelle ********************************** UPDATE -> this was response from moving company... “Yes Simon: that was an over the phone estimation. Please read it properly and you will see that it states: BASED ON STATISTICS OF A 3-BEDROOM MOVE. That was sent to you prior to Keith coming in to give you the proper estimation of what you were actually moving. After the in home estimation, read the emails from your wife, Mary and see the correct information. I do appreciate your concerns but none are valid. I am not going to work on invalid information..... The date requested for moving is December 14th." First off my move was on November 30th and not in December, my wife's name is not Mary, I am the only one that dealt with the moving company, no one came to my house to do an estimate, and who is Keith? The only estimate was the email I included above. Let me highlight the line 'No overtime hours charged for over 8 hours'

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