I am absolutely furious at the incompetent service of Door Pro. We bought a garage door from Home Depot last June and had the installation scheduled for July 10th – three weeks later. However, the subcontractor, Door Pro came on August 9th to install the garage door. They didn’t voluntarily reach out, but we had to call them to remind them of the installation date. Once they came, the installers said that they were only ordered to install the door, not the opener, so they left with the opener uninstalled. We made a call to Home Depot and got the manager to pass the order to Door Pro. Workers came on August 17th but they told us to dig a hole where the beam stood which we did. The worker also said we had to move the spring. But the worker left during the process for another schedule. So, Door Pro came to us twice and we had to reach out to them at least four times – but still nothing done except for the garage door installation. Door Pro demanded a fee of $75 for the spring moving job. This threw us off a little. The spring had been placed there by the Door Pro workers in the first place and turns out that we had to pay the expenses of their fault. We called again and explained this issue, the lady on the line kept us on hold while she supposedly went to go check on the default. She never came back and we had to hang up then call back. Anyways, they came on August 30th – their third visit, but this time they required us to dig a deeper beam hole and tried to reschedule another date. We were furious and told them that we are not rescheduling for another day and asked the worker to come back on the day of. The worker came three hours later and had the opener installed, of course with no outstanding fees. The expected date for this process to be completed was July 10th but the Door Pro installers had to make four visits and we had to make numerous calls to have it finally completed on August 30th. I also want to mention how rude the receptionist had responded to our calls. Our family will not be dealing with Home Depot anymore if these issues are not straightened out.

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