To state it plainly, I should've consulted HOMESTARS before purchasing from this company. That said, here's my story... I discovered this place by chance because I was two doors down at another business. The big box stores didn't have what I was looking for and I thought a specialized, smaller dealer might be a better idea. A Broil King BBQ and cover was what I bought (despite the slant from salesperson Greg towards the more expensive Weber products). Purchased on July 2nd, the BBQ arrived as ordered on July 5th. Great! However, the cover was nowhere to be found. I was told by Greg to call back July 13th because "it was the delivery company's fault, and it should be here with the next delivery." I called back on July 15th and Greg responded with "it's not here, call July 18th at 11am and ask for Tyler." I called and was told by Greg that "Tyler will call you back in 45 mins. What's the best number to contact you at, sir?" I provided my work number, but instead, my home number was called. Anyway, the cover was in. YAY! I showed up at 9am on July 19th to pick it up and noticed that I was charged $79 (MSRP?) instead of the sticker price of $54.99. I just got a shrug from the person "helping" me. To sum up my experience, I would say AWFUL. Customer service is severely lacking and employees act have a sour attitude. Maybe the previous generation were better business people, seeing as how they've been "Serving You Since 1959".

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