We had a large amount of windows that needed replacing. Their salesman sold us on their vinyl windows because we would never have to worry about painting again, everything is covered under a lifetime warranty. This was the start of many issues dealing with them. There was problems from the start when their manufacturer gave the installers the wrong type window, which led to a 4 month delay, that wound up in court due to their Sales manager making wrongful statements. It was settled out of court. We have now had these windows for 6 years. (installed December 2012). And this winter we noticed all the windows that face east, south and west have all discolored. The vinyl which we were told "will never need to be painted again" didn't last 6 years. The color was their SDT, which is similar to their Sandstone or dark beige. They are now all a shade of light green. The only set of windows that haven't discolored are under the awning or on the north side. Although the ones on the north side are showing signs of discoloration on the sides facing west. These vinyl windows are not worth the money and do not believe their stories of being the best. If your house has any form of sunlight, stay clear of this company. Their customer service is telling me, the manufacturer must have a defect and they will come out and paint them. How can vinyl windows be painted when they are installed? They will only peel off or fade once again because they are poor quality. I have attached 1 photo, I have many since there are 34 windows. The photo shows the color of the windows faded while the wood borders painted around it was the exact color match that was painted in the summer of 2013. Note this pain hasn't peeled and takes the same amount of sun these windows did.

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Company Response

Hi Lou, as per June 13 updated provided to you, the manufacturer will contact you to book an appointment to visit your home to see the windows. As of June 17, we have contacted the manufacturer asking for an update as to when inspection will take place. Paul 416-355-8353