Copied and pasted from one of the previos review,every world is correct Please rename the company from Greenlawn to Greenweed. : Dealing with Greenweed/lawn was a completely frustrating & stressful experience ! We can confidently say that we would never recommend their services to anybody looking for lawn care. Below are some of the reasons and experiences we have had with this company.Hopefully this review helps others save their money & time instead of relying on false promises made by Greenlawn. Never again Vladimir

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we read the reviews on homestars and found the website very iseful in the past. although their potlight prices were a bit higher than we saw advertised on craigslist we decided to go with oris. now we see and know the difference. oris installed potlights in our basement and then we also decided to upgrade the service in our home. my neighbor also had used them in the past and came over to reccomend them to us. this is the 2nd time that they did an amazing job for us. now the panel work he just completed last week was done all in one day and very professionally. highly recommend this company and now we are discussing possibly some backyard and pool lighting in the future. thanks Oris! finally some honest electricians that know what they are doing

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We never thought we would need an alarm system. But our friends said we should go and get it. We found alarmforce. They are great and quick service. If anything happens you get a live voice assistance and direct call to 911

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We were really looking for nice yet not too expensive blinds for the baby room. We decided to go across the street and found blinds to go was quick and had good prices

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