Just wanted to say that the technician that came to our house (Joe Green) spent the time to properly determine the issues with our air conditioner and was able to get it back up and running in a short amount of time. Was able to answer all of my questions and assist with maintenance suggestions for the future. I was very happy with this service call.

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Company Response

Thank you Greg for the great review! We're very fortunate to have Joe as part of our team and appreciate your feedback! ~ Penny


Trupoint was referred to us from another contractor to repair our leaks into the basement externally. After meeting with Paul, we decided to hire them to do the work. The first issue that came up was that our phone line was snipped during the digging. I realize that things happen, but I wish that they had never snipped the line. This created more problems for the next 9 months trying to get the phone line fixed. All of the waterproofing work was done as described and has not been an issue since. However certain parts of the job have not been completed and they are as follows: 1) Written guarantee. Paul has not provided this to us although it has been requested many times over the last two years, but he keeps promising to provide it. I don't know what we will do if there ever is an issue since we don't have his guarantee. By Paul not providing this to us, it makes it seem that he is not standing behind the work that his company did. 2) Our walk way. As part of the contract, they were to relay the interlocking walkway. On the advice of Paul, he said wait to let things settle and they would be back to finish the job. So we did this and contacted him. He kept providing excuses that he would get to us, but that he was too busy. The real reason I expect is that the job was not worth the money or his time. I thought by listening to a professional's advice to do something correctly, but really at the end of the day it is just about money and not quality service. If your job does not have enough zero's behind it, keep looking for another contractor. The only reason that I gave the score I did instead of a 0, is that so far there have been no issues with water in our basement. However, dealing with Paul has made it a negative experience instead of a positive one. Update: Paul has provided the written guarantee which I am grateful for.

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