I did my research and found a great price for a lovely bathroom sink...but I needed 6 of them for our home. The manager helped track down all the sinks from different shops and ordered them to come to his shop for me to pick up. He was great. I even asked if he would give me a discount and he did. I found many items at great prices from Rona. The only downside is that if you search on the website, the retail store may not carry it and you will have to track down which retail store carries it. All in all Rona has great prices and pretty good choices.

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We needed tiles for our master ensuite. I had searched a lot for tiles to match the existing floors and countertops. Van City tiles had so many choices of colours and designs. One afternoon we decided to quickly go and choose our tiles. We got there a few minutes before they closed, and we stayed for about an hour extra. The salespeople were very helpful (even though they wanted to go home). We finally chose our colours and tiles and they even gave us a discount off the marked price. I probably could have gotten a cheaper tile somewhere else, but the colour choices here were fantastic, and we are very happy with our new ensuite.

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We needed to select tiles for 4 bathroom renovations. I was referred to this company by a friend because of their price. I was very impressed by their prices and service. The salesman was very helpful but not pushy. We ended up going several times to finalize the choices, and this man was welcoming each time. We bought some tiles from here and others from another tile store. The other store had better colour choices.

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We moved to a new home that had rats in the attic. I called around to different pest control companies and found CARE was the best for what you paid and what services you got. I am very happy with them. They have come regularly to check traps. The technician was here for hours closing off the entry points. They have very polite staff and making an appt is quick and easy.

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They replaced our shower glass but chipped a tile in two places. The bathroom was left with metal shavings everywhere. When I asked them to vacuum they said they didn't have one, and needed to use my home vacuum.

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