We were so excited when we came upon this product at a homeshow in Newmarket in the spring. Pete came out in May and we left a $918.75 deposit with him to have our front porch done. He guesstimated about 3 weeks. June came....then July.....and now August. After COUNTLESS phonecalls and emails (have a copy of them all), this "company" - and I use that term loosely- never came to complete the job and to date (Aug. 25th) has yet to return our deposit. The owner , Chris Willson, is the most pathetic person we have ever dealt with professionally. His excuses are endless...."it's too wet, it's too hot, my phone died, trouble with workers, etc..." Do yourself a favour and DO NOT HIRE this clown, actually you won't have to worry about hiring him because he NEVER answers the phone. My next resort is now having to go to court to file a complaint against him....again wasting my time. He's just a joke - I feel sorry for the people that work for him!

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Answer the phone and actually conduct your business HONESTLY! Do not TAKE people's money if you know you aren't going to do the job.
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This year has been one of those years that either everything goes perfectly right, or everything goes terribly wrong.

One thing that can make things go wrong is the weather. This year was one of those summers that the weather just did not want to cooperate with what we had planned.

Unfortunately, this was one of those summer. Bad weather is not only difficult to work in but until our products actually fully cure, they will be rendered useless and will need be removed and relaid. Once they are cured they are virtually indestructible.

The deposit was returned in full as promised.


Andrew just finished our doors no more than an hour ago and I can't stop staring at them. They are STUNNING - a real work of ART! Andrew is the best contractor we have worked with so far on our new home. We couldn't be more pleased - you have made our day! Thanks Andrew, you are a true professional!!!!!!!! Clean, courteous and affordable - not easy to find these days.

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Thank You for great review, Tammy. You definitely made my day today.
It is always a pleasure to work with the client, who wants to try something new and extraordinary. There's always something magic for me in watching the concept/the idea to become something real, especially when it's something as beautiful as Your doors.
Thank You again for the review and for the opportunity to try something new. Have a great day!