Speedy Plumbing does have good reviews however I did have issues with the length of time spent doing the job. Apparently the employee had some challenges. I did have a concern with the work and when I voiced my concerns to the manager, Matt, the next day he came to my residence to inspect the work done. I appreciated the fact that Matt was right on it as it showed concern for customer satisfaction. After inspecting the work it was agreed that the work should not have taken as long as it did and I was compensated for the extra time. I was very impressed with the way Matt handled the situation and would call on, specifically, Matt to do future work. January 2020 Addition to the above. I had Speedy come back again recently to fix a leak under the bathroom sink and broken plug in the sink. Oliver did a super job. He was friendly, fast and efficient. It’s pays to give a second chance. I will be using Speedy again in the future because they have proven to me that they care about the customer and are trustworthy!

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Had new torch on done by another company about 5 years ago. Drip leak in 4 places, called company that did roof and they would not come out to fix. Typical! Called Affordable Quality Roofing and they had their man out within 3 hours, in the dark, howling wind and pouring rain. Located leak (poor work from other company) and patched it up. Affordable guarantees a second call included in the price if it still leaks. I have not doubt they will be true to their word. Justin gave great customer service. Wish I had known about Affordable when I needed the whole roof done because if this small issue is an example of their great customer service I am sure they would have done an outstanding job with the whole roof! We are waiting to see if the leak comes back. Thank you Justin and Jose!

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