The first snowfall of this season I had to shovel myself, the second time it was not shoveled until 7pm. The week of Jan 21 I was away but believe it was not shoveled until the following day. On Jan 27 I sent 4 emails and called 4 times. I received no response to my calls or emails. At 8pm I once again did it myself. Sent another email the next day - no response jan 29 I called at 8:30,11:45,1:00&1:45 before receiving a response. The driveway was cleared at 3pm. It was approx 4 ft narrower and the curve (allows me to turn out of the garage) in the driveway was not done. Over the next few days I sent 4 emails and called at least 4 times. It was 3 days before the issues were fixed Feb 13 it was plowed once again with the same issues. I called several times and it was fixed 2 days later Feb 18 no one came and I once again did it myself. In one month I have sent approx 10 emails and called a dozen times. I’ve received only 2 replies. No apologies or offer of a refund

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