On very short notice they were able to help us move two large pieces of furniture out of our house as we prepared it for sale. They planned the move to avoid any possible damage to the furniture or walls and showed excellent communication as they moved one especially awkward piece.

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Company Response

Thank you for taking the time to write us this review. We are so glad that you were happy with our services and it was our pleasure to work with you. We hope we may be of service to you and your family sometime in the future.


First used Harris to replace kitchen faucet and were also sold a membership plan to reduce cost of future service calls and provide annual inspection. Had to get them back in when faucet soon became loose and asked for pop up drain to be repaired for a bathroom sink and shower diverter to be replaced. Kitchen faucet fixed but we were charged for it when should have been warranty (fought to get that corrected), ended up repairing pop up ourselves afterwards when plumber just focused on a question of possibly changing the sink, and had to order parts ourselves for the shower. Plumber sold us a drain declogger for $65. At this junction, lots of money put in and very little benefit. Decided to cut our losses until Harris contacted us about our "free" inspection. Booked it for today because we have piece for shower to be fixed and have another faucet for repair and thought we would give it a try based on service call being free because of the inspection. My sister also had problems with Harris in Barrie so we told reception that we were due to be impressed by them and she agreed that they needed to do better. Here I sit at 5:30 p.m. after waiting for a noon to two time frame appointment. Harris called to say plumber was delayed and could he come between 3-5:00. We thought it meant that was the time he would be doing his work, but a further call back to Harris we found this was arrival time. Really not ideal to start a job on a friday evening but we had already given up the day and didn't want to delay any longer. So here we are..... after 5:30 and no sign of a plumber from Harris. Time to cut our losses. What a disappointment this company has been

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Company Response

Hello Sandra, firstly would like to sincerely apologize for your inconvenience on Friday. Yes your plumber was detained at his first job as was explained to you. That could not be helped as it was a critical job he could not leave until finished. He was not 100% sure how long he would be. We did notify you of the delays and you agreed to wait. This is not a common occurrence.

There is a lot to address here and I will do my best...
In 2015 our technician Mike wrote in his debrief:
"I fastened down the kitchen faucet and also inspected the lavatory sink and tub spout on the second floor. Mr. W. wants the white under-mount sink replaced so there's no point in changing the mechanical pop up at this time. I will be getting him a quote on that asap.
In regards to the tub spout he will be calling Moen to see if they will replace it for him."
Please note: When Moen is involved in a warranty claim, they will only provide free parts when the customer calls them directly. A plumbing contractor cannot order warranty parts for a customer. Our hands are tied with that however we are a fully licensed Moen contractor.
The warranty charge was reversed as soon as it was brought to our attention that our tech had charged it in error.

When your husband asked about replacing the sink altogether, I'm sure that Mike was thinking that if that were to happen soon, he could save you some money by not repairing the pop-up in the old sink.

The drain de-clogger you refer to is "BioSmart". This is an amazing product that we have people coming in our front door every week to buy. It is plumbing-safe, eco-friendly and most importantly it works. If you had slow drains this was a very smart purchase. Regular use can prevent expensive emergency drain calls. We recommend it to all our clients however they still have to choose to buy it ($52.34 & hst).

We contact all our clients immediately after each service call for feedback. If you could give me your sister's name I would like to check to see if she was specific on our Happy Call about her experience and address it if I can.

Fast-forward to last Friday...we arrived at 5:49 with hat in hand. Yes quite late but prepared to provide you with impeccable service. Again we apologize for the delay - it was certainly not intentional. We hope that you will provide us another chance sometime in the future to prove we are worthy of your business.