Assisted Review

An assisted review is collected by a contractor on behalf of the homeowner after their work is completed. The homeowner must confirm the text of the review and may make any changes she or he deems appropriate. The homeowner then assigns the contractor a review score out of 10. Assisted reviews receive the same scrutiny as other reviews and must follow our review guidelines.

In 2011, we renovated the exterior of our house, and hired RenovAction to replace our old siding with “Prodigy Insulated Siding”. It turned out to be quite a wise choice. Not only did we notice and appreciate the added insulation and sound-proofing advantages that the siding added to our comfort, it was the added protection that we were not aware of, at the time. In the month of July 2012, a freak hail storm hit our area with hail, the size of golf balls. Needless to say, in minutes it caused a lot of damage in our neighbourhood. Broken windows, dented garage doors, destroyed roofing and many punctured sidings were a common sight. Yet our siding was unscathed: no holes, no dents. Our perplexed neighbours asked us: “Why is your siding not affected by the hailstorm?”. We simply told them that RenovAction had replaced our old siding with “Prodigy Insulated siding”. A great product and job well done.

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